AKKATOGLU DEMIR CELIK SANAYI ITHALAT IHRACAT VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI structural irons, reinforcing bars, construction irons, rebars, ribbed rebars, wire rods, wire meshes, mesh reinforcements
OGUZHAN OKUMUS GELISIM ISCI SAGLIGI VE IS GUVENLIGI DANISMANLIGI LIMITED SIRKETI Edge Protection Barrier, Safety Barrier, Protection Barrier, Work Safety System, Edge Protection Barrier, Safety Equipment, Construction Safety System, Fence

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KICIMAN A.S., established in 1982 and based in Ankara/Turkey, is one of the leading manufacturer of gabion products such as gabion baskets, gabion mattresses, gabion sacks, Rockall protection netting
Metal Market International Steel Co, established in year 2001, is one of the leading steel trading and manufacturing companies of Turkey and is also one of the top 100 exporters of Turkey. Our company is exporting steel products from Turkey to 75 countries located in different continents such as, Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and Oceanic Islands. The activities of the company is divided in four fields: Export of Steel Products from Turkey Import of Raw Material into Turkey Stockholding and Domestic Trade Third Country Trade and Cross Trade We define our company as a reliable supplier of steel products. Knowing the importance of regularity and long term relations as well as believing in the crucial necessity of good service and intense communication. We also supply various steel products to different international projects.
We are the manufacturer company in Turkey known as KONAKOGULLARI. We do trade in panel fance an wire fence also almost evry fencing sector in which Turkey and international deals. It includes different vareities from nature to technology every sector in them are been dealed time to time by our company. We are established in the central region of Turkey known as Anatolian region. Quality and suitable prizes are our first priority because we beleif in long term trade rather than just doing trade at the instant. We treat our customers as our friends and like a family. We have the compitent record in international trade since past few years till now. We beleif in inovation that is the reason due to which most of our customers have selected us because we offer more suitable and new ideas in trade as the world is in need of it. All we do is, What we have promised!- Positive feedback in the whole Turkey and in more then 20 countries of the World, - High importance to the quality and after-sales sevices,- Offering the best solutions with the Professional staff- The most economic and the fastest solutions due to the conve nient location ,- Supplying the best raw manterial from the best steel mills - Continual Betterment policy- Fulfilment the requirements of ISO 9001- Short delivery periods due to the strong machinery , are only some of the reasons why you should choose KONAKOGULLARI...
Our company started to give service to Iron Steel sector by Nihat Akkatoglu in 1972. In 1994 the company changed its name to Akkatoglu Demir Celik San. Ith. Ihr. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Our principle as Akkatoglu Demir Celik is to give the best quality, the best and fastest service to our customers. Our company is amused to give service to many companies in construction and industry sectors. Our goal is to provide confidence between the companies we work with and us and provide the highest quality products. For this reason number of our customers has been increasing day by day. Prioritizing customer satisfaction our company keeps its stocks up-to-date and expands its product range. Thanks for choosing us.
CoverHealth® Disinfection & Sanitation System Have been engineered to provide a robust, practical, versatile solution and are manufactured with high quality materials, electronic and electric systems complying with national and international regulations and standards. CoverHealth® Disinfection & Sanitation System are easy to ship, Install, dismantle and functional for multiple disinfection applications CoverHealth® disinfection tunnel is being implemented by leading companies who are serious about eliminating Bacterial and viral diseases. The CoverEdge® Barrier System was developed to mitigate the ‘Fall from Height’ and ‘Dropped Object’ risks that can be found in almost all industries. This unique barrier system can be used to provide temporary or permanent protection for stairways, floor edges, etc. and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application. Additionally, with the patented ForkAl® barrier section, material handling and transferring activities can be carried out safely without the need to remove the safety barrier. ,CoverEdge® barriers have been engineered to provide a robust, practical, versatile solution and are manufactured with high quality materials, complying with national and international regulations and standards. Currently, CoverEdge barriers hold Certificates of Conformity to U.S Federal OSHA Standards, Canadian Federal and Provincial OHS Regulations, and are recognized with the Turkish Standards Institute. CoverEdge® barrier systems are easy to ship, install, dismantle and functional for multiple applications. CoverEdge® Barrier Systems are being implemented by leading companies who are serious about eliminating injuries and fatalities caused by dropped objects and falling from heights.